Aesthetic Movement Art Furniture. Photo by James Sansum, dealer.

Victorian Art Furniture

It can be quite confusing trying to find images online when looking for art furniture – especially for antique art furniture. Art furniture, by its very definition, is furniture that, although useful, goes beyond what is expected in terms of style and sometimes function. Some put Art Nouveau furniture in this category because of its excessive, expensive-to-build, curves and ornamentation. Others put Arts and Crafts … Continue reading Victorian Art Furniture

Queen of Home – Opinionated Advice from 1895

I always keep an eye out for books about interior decorating but my prize finds are those published pre 1950. I love reading the advice given to home owners. The social history contained in the pages of such books is so interesting and the decorating tips that are given to the reader often ring as true today as they did back then. “Queen of Home” was written by Emma C. … Continue reading Queen of Home – Opinionated Advice from 1895

This Old Edmonton House Seminars 2014

You know that spring is around the corner when the City of Edmonton Planning Department unveils its seminars designed specifically for owners of old houses. Known as the ‘This Old Edmonton House’ seminars, these sessions cover almost every aspect of owning an old house. This includes talks on windows and doors, mechanical systems, roofs and exteriors, foundations, and plastering walls. I will be doing two … Continue reading This Old Edmonton House Seminars 2014

Change your mantlescape every year for more interest.

Decorating with Christmas Vignettes

Christmas decorating is often an all-or-nothing proposition. Magazines show rooms filled to overflowing with decorations while others show minimalistic decor such as a few green apples on a mantle. I confess that, in spite of my intentions to the contrary each year, I belong to the first camp. There is something about an old house that suits Christmas excess. It takes me two days to … Continue reading Decorating with Christmas Vignettes

Antique Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorating – Vintage Ornaments

Last week I took my interior decorating students to visit Classic European Antiques which is an antique store here in Edmonton. Some of the students were thrilled to see a display of old Christmas decorations and they began telling stories about who in their lives have or had similar ones. I love vintage Christmas ornaments. I sold lovely vintage ornaments in my antique store and each … Continue reading Christmas Decorating – Vintage Ornaments