What is a Games Table?

Although there is evidence that Romans played backgammon on special boards, the games table did not become popular until the concept of the Medieval ‘great hall’ gave way to the building of smaller homes (called hotels in France) with individual rooms for different functions. One room was designated for games of chance. Gambling was rampant amongst the aristocracy and required furniture for that purpose. Enter … Continue reading What is a Games Table?

Original millwork is an important aspect of authentic interiors.

Authentic Millwork is Important

It’s ok to boast about the authentic millwork in your heritage home. After all, it’s one of the things that make such a house special. Trying to replace missing original millwork, however, has the power to make a grown person cry from the frustration of finding the proper profile, the appropriate wood, and finally, finding the money to pay for it. If you’ve been to … Continue reading Authentic Millwork is Important

Authentic details such as the fireplace and windows give this historic entrance great appeal.

Keeping Authenticity Alive in a Heritage Home 1

Living in a heritage home typically presents more challenges than living in one that is relatively new. Although all houses require maintenance, regardless of their age, there are special considerations when one owns an older home, especially a heritage home. One of these is how to keep the interior authentic, if not in actuality, at least in feeling. So where would you start? I get … Continue reading Keeping Authenticity Alive in a Heritage Home 1