Anyone can make Big Money buying Art and Antiques

It’s no secret among those who know me that I love books. I buy lots of books, I sign them out of the library and I buy them at Mandolin Books, our local used  book / coffee shop. One of the books I recently bought had the above title. It was written in 1977 by Canadian author/doctor/politician Morton Schulman now deceased. Now, although this was written over … Continue reading Anyone can make Big Money buying Art and Antiques

Classic European Antiques in Edmonton

Favorite Antique Stores in Edmonton

Summer is a perfect time to go antiquing. If you’re a regular reader of this blog or my web site there’s good chance that you will agree with that statement. Of course anytime is a good time to find a treasure but there’s something about a beautiful summer day to make this even more fun.A perfect Saturday for me starts with heading over to the … Continue reading Favorite Antique Stores in Edmonton

Balloon back chairs

Selling Consignment Antiques

This post is an answer to a reader who asked me the following question: “I am starting a small auction house and am advertising for consignments. Just wondering if you could give me some input as the best way to get antiques for my auctions?” – Corina The following suggestions are not only for Corinna but for anyone who has considered selling their own antiques and … Continue reading Selling Consignment Antiques