This Old Edmonton House Seminars 2014

You know that spring is around the corner when the City of Edmonton Planning Department unveils its seminars designed specifically for owners of old houses. Known as the ‘This Old Edmonton House’ seminars, these sessions cover almost every aspect of owning an old house. This includes talks on windows and doors, mechanical systems, roofs and exteriors, foundations, and plastering walls. I will be doing two … Continue reading This Old Edmonton House Seminars 2014

Gardens for Old Houses

Gardens make any house look better and more approachable, but there is something about gardens and old houses that just seem to go hand in hand. I think it may be that old houses offer flexibility that contemporary homes do not. Contemporary homes use whatever materials that are in style, which makes sense. If you go into a new subdivision there is a good chance … Continue reading Gardens for Old Houses

Original windows

Window Replacement Dilemmas

I’m in a dilemma. What should I do? I’m talking about windows here. Our house is 101 years old this year and still has all the original windows plus the storm windows. I think that’s pretty neat but my happiness at being able to say this is tempered with reality. Old houses, such as the 1912 four-square that we live in, were designed to allow … Continue reading Window Replacement Dilemmas

“Historical Interiors of Alberta” is officially launched!

The official launch of my book took place recently at one of the homes featured in the book – the Bell Residence. There were 30+ invited guests that sipped wine, nibbled and talked, talked and talked some more. I can’t believe that I was worried that, because so many people are from different walks of life, that they might not have anything in common! There … Continue reading “Historical Interiors of Alberta” is officially launched!