Authentic details such as the fireplace and windows give this historic entrance great appeal.

Keeping Authenticity Alive in a Heritage Home 1

Living in a heritage home typically presents more challenges than living in one that is relatively new. Although all houses require maintenance, regardless of their age, there are special considerations when one owns an older home, especially a heritage home. One of these is how to keep the interior authentic, if not in actuality, at least in feeling. So where would you start? I get … Continue reading Keeping Authenticity Alive in a Heritage Home 1

The entrance foyer to our 1912 four-square house with its new paint.

Restoring an Entrance Hall

I believe that owning an old house takes a special kind of person. A person that doesn’t expect perfection such as smooth walls, perfectly level floors and windows that open properly. Many owners respect the character of their old house and don’t feel the need to replace lathe and plaster walls with drywall just so that it looks better. There are times, however, that decisions … Continue reading Restoring an Entrance Hall

Moorish 8 LIght fixture made by Tiffany's. Photo from Sotheby's web site.

Gorgeous Tiffany Light Fixtures

I am always interested in reading about what antiques fetch on the market. I am subscribed to several Sotheby’s newsletter announcements and a couple of weeks ago I received the results of the Tiffany auction. The top lot of the sale was a magnificent “Wisteria” table lamp, whose price was driven to $1,565,000 by two determined bidders, setting an auction record for any Tiffany Studios … Continue reading Gorgeous Tiffany Light Fixtures

A Multipurpose Kitchen Cabinet

A Revolution in the Kitchen

In my most recent book, my main character time-travels to Chicago in the year 1928. There’s a scene in the book where she finds herself in the kitchen, perusing the pantry for something to eat and marvelling at the number of electric appliances that were already in existence in that year. It’s hard to imagine kitchens without rows of cupboards, central islands, stone counter tops … Continue reading A Revolution in the Kitchen

This Old Edmonton House Seminars 2014

You know that spring is around the corner when the City of Edmonton Planning Department unveils its seminars designed specifically for owners of old houses. Known as the ‘This Old Edmonton House’ seminars, these sessions cover almost every aspect of owning an old house. This includes talks on windows and doors, mechanical systems, roofs and exteriors, foundations, and plastering walls. I will be doing two … Continue reading This Old Edmonton House Seminars 2014