What is a Games Table?

Although there is evidence that Romans played backgammon on special boards, the games table did not become popular until the concept of the Medieval ‘great hall’ gave way to the building of smaller homes (called hotels in France) with individual rooms for different functions. One room was designated for games of chance. Gambling was rampant amongst the aristocracy and required furniture for that purpose. Enter … Continue reading What is a Games Table?

Travels in Quebec Part 1/3

Have you ever been to Quebec City? Did you know that it’s one of only two surviving walled cities in North America?  (The other is in Campeche, Mexico). Quebec City is totally unique – and it’s in Canada. At the end of August my travelling partner and little sister, Gisele, and I visited the city. It wasn’t our first trip to La Belle Province but … Continue reading Travels in Quebec Part 1/3

Cindy's skill as a graphic designer is obvious in this book plate.

Double Talents: Cindy McLaren

There’s no shortage of talented interior-decorators-to-be in the Residential Interiors Certificate Program I teach for the University of Alberta in Edmonton but occasionally I come across a student that is not only talented in that field but also in another. I’ve written blogs on other students before but this time I’m talking about Cindy (Cynthia) McLaren, interior decorator and artist. Cindy was born in Prince Edward County, … Continue reading Double Talents: Cindy McLaren