A New Passion: Pastels

It’s always exciting to discover something you’ve never done before and to find out that you love it. Five months ago I took a weekend workshop with master pastel artist, David Shklolny, one of the presenters for the ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists) conference for which I volunteered as a committee member. I can’t say what I came up with was any good but … Continue reading A New Passion: Pastels

Travels in Quebec Part 1/3

Have you ever been to Quebec City? Did you know that it’s one of only two surviving walled cities in North America?  (The other is in Campeche, Mexico). Quebec City is totally unique – and it’s in Canada. At the end of August my travelling partner and little sister, Gisele, and I visited the city. It wasn’t our first trip to La Belle Province but … Continue reading Travels in Quebec Part 1/3

When Elephants were on the Menu in Paris

The Stories behind the Story What does this mean? Authors, especially those who write historical fiction, have to do a lot of research in order to make an era come alive, or create an environment that is accurate and feels real to a reader. In doing so, we come across many interesting tidbits that sometimes make their way into the book, and sometimes not. I … Continue reading When Elephants were on the Menu in Paris