These reindeer were popular in the 1950's

Christmas Decoration Favourites Part 2

On my last post I shared three favourite decorations. One reminded me of my old store and two are part of my antique collection.The three decorations in this post have special associations with my family and childhood. The first picture is of reindeer. You may recognize these as they were very popular in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. They were made of plastic which made … Continue reading Christmas Decoration Favourites Part 2

One of my very favourites. A handblown pink pig made by a glass artist.

Christmas Decorations hold Memories

Have you ever lusted after a “designer tree”? You know the kind. The trendy decorations are large and usually completely colour coordinated with a million lights? I never have – because, as beautiful as these trees may look, they lack soul, character, but most of all, they lack memories. Reliving memories are what makes decorating our Christmas tree special. Each decoration reminds me of a … Continue reading Christmas Decorations hold Memories

Change your mantlescape every year for more interest.

Decorating with Christmas Vignettes

Christmas decorating is often an all-or-nothing proposition. Magazines show rooms filled to overflowing with decorations while others show minimalistic decor such as a few green apples on a mantle. I confess that, in spite of my intentions to the contrary each year, I belong to the first camp. There is something about an old house that suits Christmas excess. It takes me two days to … Continue reading Decorating with Christmas Vignettes

Antique Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorating – Vintage Ornaments

Last week I took my interior decorating students to visit Classic European Antiques which is an antique store here in Edmonton.┬áSome of the students were thrilled to see a display of old Christmas decorations and they began telling stories about who in their lives have or had similar ones. I love vintage Christmas ornaments. I sold lovely vintage ornaments in my antique store and each … Continue reading Christmas Decorating – Vintage Ornaments