Historical Interiors of Alberta

Learn How to Restore, Decorate & Preserve Your Historic Home This book is a valuable resource to help you understand how historic interiors were designed. By knowing about the social norms and how interior space functioned at that time it is easier to bring back the historic feel to your home yet maintain modern conveniences. While historic exteriors are the public face of our architectural resources, … Continue reading Historical Interiors of Alberta

Image from Amara D. Angelica

Can’t speak French? Great – I’d like your Opinion

I have been hard at work on the second draft of my novel I started last winter. I was talking about the book to a French-speaking friend who grew up in Quebec. I explained to her that the book featured a female character who time-travels to Paris, 1866. My friend asked me the names of the characters in the book and, when I told her … Continue reading Can’t speak French? Great – I’d like your Opinion