Ladies Home Journal Apr 1 1911

From the Archives – Ladies Home Journal April 1911

This week I met a lovely couple who inherited a large number of antique items from the woman’s parents. The original items came from a cousin of her father’s who did not throw a thing away. Many of the items had already been sifted through as they had been moved across two provinces but even with that it took almost six hours to separate the … Continue reading From the Archives – Ladies Home Journal April 1911

Old Records – Do they have any value?

One of the services I provide is to go to a client’s home and help them determine what has value, what can be sold, what can be donated etc. It’s especially beneficial in situations where someone is clearing out someone else’s home (such as family) in estate situations. It also helps lifelong collectors who are downsizing and have lost track of which of their collectibles … Continue reading Old Records – Do they have any value?

A Parlour Ceiling in the Magrath Mansion

A Historic Home – the Magrath Mansion

¬†William J. Magrath was well known in Edmonton. He was senior partner in the real estate firm of Magrath-Holgate & Co. Ltd., brought industry to Edmonton, owned a baseball franchise, and had political aspirations. Born in Ontario in 1870, Magrath married there in 1894, but like many, he was drawn to the West. He eventually made his fortune and built this magnificent home that has … Continue reading A Historic Home – the Magrath Mansion

Classic European Antiques in Edmonton

Favorite Antique Stores in Edmonton

Summer is a perfect time to go antiquing. If you’re a regular reader of this blog or my web site there’s good chance that you will agree with that statement. Of course anytime is a good time to find a treasure but there’s something about a beautiful summer day to make this even more fun.A perfect Saturday for me starts with heading over to the … Continue reading Favorite Antique Stores in Edmonton

Balloon back chairs

Selling Consignment Antiques

This post is an answer to a reader who asked me the following question:¬†“I am starting a small auction house and am advertising for consignments. Just wondering if you could give me some input as the best way to get antiques for my auctions?” – Corina The following suggestions are not only for Corinna but for anyone who has considered selling their own antiques and … Continue reading Selling Consignment Antiques