A Multipurpose Kitchen Cabinet

A Revolution in the Kitchen

In my most recent book, my main character time-travels to Chicago in the year 1928. There’s a scene in the book where she finds herself in the kitchen, perusing the pantry for something to eat and marvelling at the number of electric appliances that were already in existence in that year. It’s hard to imagine kitchens without rows of cupboards, central islands, stone counter tops … Continue reading A Revolution in the Kitchen

antique trunk before restoration

Restoring an Antique Trunk

For many of us, antique trunks have a special spot in our hearts. As storage devices, trunks have protected our journals, special baby clothes, and other memories. For others a trunk represents a great adventure, or a new life. Many of these trunks (as shown) were owned by soldiers, and many were brought over the Atlantic as war brides moved to be with their North … Continue reading Restoring an Antique Trunk

Erik Buck suite

How to take care of Teak Indoor Furniture

Over the years I have spoken to clients who own teak furniture and often I get asked about how to care for the furniture. This came to the forefront again after my email from the reader who was asking about her Arne Vodder furniture. Most of the information on line is for cleaning outdoor teak furniture. The information provided by those sites is very different … Continue reading How to take care of Teak Indoor Furniture