What Do You Do with Smelly Furniture?

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture that just didn’t smell right? I have, and I paid for my mistake in terms of money and time invested. Early in my career as an antique dealer, I went to an auction and saw a piece of furniture that interested me. I carefully examined the book case with glassed doors flanking a drop leaf desk with … Continue reading What Do You Do with Smelly Furniture?

Moorish 8 LIght fixture made by Tiffany's. Photo from Sotheby's web site.

Gorgeous Tiffany Light Fixtures

I am always interested in reading about what antiques fetch on the market. I am subscribed to several Sotheby’s newsletter announcements and a couple of weeks ago I received the results of the Tiffany auction. The top lot of the sale was a magnificent “Wisteria” table lamp, whose price was driven to $1,565,000 by two determined bidders, setting an auction record for any Tiffany Studios … Continue reading Gorgeous Tiffany Light Fixtures