Antique wax doll. Image from Heather Bond Dolls.

Doll Collecting not just for Little Girls

Collecting Dolls is the kind of collecting passion that you get – or don’t get. I used to be part of the first camp even when I owned and operated my antique store “From Times Past”. I changed my mind , however, once I received a sizeable collection of dolls (and stuffed Teddy Bears which have always been my favorite) to sell for a client. … Continue reading Doll Collecting not just for Little Girls

Aesthetic Movement Art Furniture. Photo by James Sansum, dealer.

Victorian Art Furniture

It can be quite confusing trying to find images online when looking for art furniture – especially for antique art furniture. Art furniture, by its very definition, is furniture that, although useful, goes beyond what is expected in terms of style and sometimes function. Some put Art Nouveau furniture in this category because of its excessive, expensive-to-build, curves and ornamentation. Others put Arts and Crafts … Continue reading Victorian Art Furniture

The Strange Vocabulary at Auctions

I remember the first time I attended an antique auction. I ¬†felt intimidated to be buying antiques on the same level as experienced dealers and collectors. On top of that the auctioneer had his own vocabulary that I couldn’t understand. But I learned fast. Here are some terms auctioneers use and what they mean: RESERVE PRICE: The minimum price the consignor of the object will … Continue reading The Strange Vocabulary at Auctions

Trunks from the 1927 Sears catalogue

How to Get Rid of Smells in an Old Trunk

Have you ever bought an old trunk at a garage sale or antique shop or inherited one from a family member?¬†Wherever you got yours from, it’s not surprising that you may have found it appealing. To our modern eyes there is something about an old trunk that captures our imagination. If only trunks could talk. Where have they traveled? What kinds of precious objects did … Continue reading How to Get Rid of Smells in an Old Trunk