1912 Heritage Home for Sale in the Highlands, Edmonton

The Bell Residence, as it is known in historic circles, is for sale. The 1912 house, located in the Highlands community (voted one of the top five communities to live in Edmonton in 2018) was built by George Gibson. He was the first recorded owner and resident of the home. George was both a carpenter for Nesbitt and Miller and was employed by Magrath and … Continue reading 1912 Heritage Home for Sale in the Highlands, Edmonton

Strange Constructions – Fireplace

For some strange reason I’d always assumed that the fireplace in our 1912 house had been made with concrete – and it was but I had no idea it was actually a hollow shell. In 1927 the owners, (at that time, the Bells), decided that a larger living room in the 1912 home would be more functional than a porch that was only used in the … Continue reading Strange Constructions – Fireplace

The entrance foyer to our 1912 four-square house with its new paint.

Restoring an Entrance Hall

I believe that owning an old house takes a special kind of person. A person that doesn’t expect perfection such as smooth walls, perfectly level floors and windows that open properly. Many owners respect the character of their old house and don’t feel the need to replace lathe and plaster walls with drywall just so that it looks better. There are times, however, that decisions … Continue reading Restoring an Entrance Hall

Note the pan chandelier in the upper part of this picture. It has glass shades and downward-facing lights which can trap a lot of heat.

Antique Light Fixtures and New Light Bulb Rules – Part 2

There is no doubt that the changes that have taken place with respect to light bulbs will cause problems for owners of antique lamps and ceiling fixtures. Lamps that have cloth shades with wires that clip onto a light bulb may become obsolete and end up in a landfill unless they can be retrofitted to use a harp assembly. I tested a Noma halogen 60watt … Continue reading Antique Light Fixtures and New Light Bulb Rules – Part 2