An Authentic Beauty: The Holgate Mansion

There are many lovely and historic homes in the Highlands neighbourhood of Edmonton. Although this home, locally known as the Holgate House after its original owner and co-developer of the area, isn’t the largest, or even the most elegant, it is, in my opinion, the most authentic. The current owners have pulled out all the stops to ensure whatever needs to be maintained or fixed … Continue reading An Authentic Beauty: The Holgate Mansion

A Beginner Collects Art

Some individuals are very successful at downsizing and staying downsized. Others, like me, simply exchange one type of collecting for another. Due to our current home being essentially modern, I collect fewer antiques but recently, more art. I thought I’d share some of the pieces I have collected, and a little about the artists who created them. The first painting, above, is by veteran artist, … Continue reading A Beginner Collects Art

Historic Gibbard Block worth a Visit

  It’s been a long time in coming, but the wait is finally over. The Gibbard Block in my old (historic) neighbourhood of Edmonton Highlands is now open. The Gibbard Block was built in 1912, at the same time as entrepreneurs William Magrath and Bidwell Holgate were beginning their development of this new area. Thomas W. Gibbard, who never did live or actually do business … Continue reading Historic Gibbard Block worth a Visit

Old into New into Old Again

In my area of design specialty I get to work with clients who appreciate the styles of the past – and not all of them own heritage homes. For the last year I have been consulting with a client who purchased a 1960’s two story “Colonial” style house in a very nice Edmonton neighbourhood. The house sits on the corner of a wide street overlooking … Continue reading Old into New into Old Again

What’s in a Rock? Why, a Bear of Course!

For the last six months, since Christmas, I have been obsessively involved in doing renovations at our new place in St. Albert (small city close to Edmonton). Therefor it was to give myself a break that I decided to take a course on soapstone carving at Picture This Gallery in Sherwood Park (another small city next to Edmonton). Picture This Gallery and Framing┬áhas been in … Continue reading What’s in a Rock? Why, a Bear of Course!