Cindy's skill as a graphic designer is obvious in this book plate.

Double Talents: Cindy McLaren

There’s no shortage of talented interior-decorators-to-be in the Residential Interiors Certificate Program I teach for the University of Alberta in Edmonton but occasionally I come across a student that is not only talented in that field but also in another. I’ve written blogs on other students before but this time I’m talking about Cindy (Cynthia) McLaren, interior decorator and artist. Cindy was born in Prince Edward County, … Continue reading Double Talents: Cindy McLaren

Textile Art has come of age

In a previous life I taught traditional quilting and weaving and I have to admit my heart still does a pitter patter when I see textile art. Although the majority of my students show their creative side through painting and watercolours there are those brave souls who forge ahead and exhibit their creativity through textiles. One of these artists is Dorothy Warren. Dorothy is a retired … Continue reading Textile Art has come of age

"Badlands" by Jim Davies

How to Tell if Your Picture is Original or a Reproduction

Have you ever bought a painting or print and wondered if it was an original or a reproduction? You might have come across a work of art at a garage sale or in a dusty antique shop and hoped that you had found something that no one else recognized as valuable. You excitedly went home and did your research online based on the artist’s signature and … Continue reading How to Tell if Your Picture is Original or a Reproduction