A New Passion: Pastels

It’s always exciting to discover something you’ve never done before and to find out that you love it. Five months ago I took a weekend workshop with master pastel artist, David Shklolny, one of the presenters for the ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists) conference for which I volunteered as a committee member. I can’t say what I came up with was any good but … Continue reading A New Passion: Pastels

ISEA Pushing Boundaries 2020 Conference

You know the saying… “Nature Abhors a Vacuum”? Well it’s true. The time I once spent on the board of the Highlands Historical Society has been transferred to volunteering on a board that has been tasked with bringing an exciting international art exhibition and conference in 2020 to St Albert / Edmonton. It’s quite interesting to be part of this process from the ground up. … Continue reading ISEA Pushing Boundaries 2020 Conference

The Prairies UnLike You’ve Ever Seen

Every once in a while I’m asked to do something special. In this case I’m talking about a student of mine, Judy Weiss, who chose me as her mentor for her graduating show for her Fine Arts Certificate at the University of Alberta. My major at the Alberta College of Art and Design was textiles, and, given that this was the medium that Judy works … Continue reading The Prairies UnLike You’ve Ever Seen

Art Week 2019

For the first time in three years, landscape artist Jim Davies has decided to hold another Art Week in one of my favorite places in Alberta – Drumheller. This is a part of the province that has pretty much every kind of inspiration for the landscape artist – hills, shrubs, cliffs, parkland, desert, and of course the Hoodoos pictured above. Jim has taught for many … Continue reading Art Week 2019