Antique dining room fixture

CSA Rules for Antique & New Light Fixtures

Some of you may not be aware of the many articles and information I have posted on my web site at . Although much of my writing energy goes towards this blog these days I constantly get contacted by readers with questions about what I have written on my web site.Case in point: I wrote an article about CSA regulations on my site. CSA … Continue reading CSA Rules for Antique & New Light Fixtures

Balloon back chairs

Selling Consignment Antiques

This post is an answer to a reader who asked me the following question: “I am starting a small auction house and am advertising for consignments. Just wondering if you could give me some input as the best way to get antiques for my auctions?” – Corina The following suggestions are not only for Corinna but for anyone who has considered selling their own antiques and … Continue reading Selling Consignment Antiques