An SPM tea cup sold for $35 on Ebay

The Story of Two Teacups and Their Different Values

A reader recently contacted me with a photograph of a gorgeous tea cup that she owns. (Unfortunately I did not save her photo because I hadn’t planned on writing a blog about it). She wanted to know something about the mark on the base of the cup. I did some research and found that the mark identified it as a product of the FA Schmann … Continue reading The Story of Two Teacups and Their Different Values

Tussie Mussie Vases: When Flowers Masked Bad Odors

In the Middle Ages (when flowers actually smelled like flowers), small bouquets, also called tussies, were worn on one’s clothing, close to the face. This combination of flowers and herbs was believed to ward off disease such as the plague. Later on, these bouquets were worn to mask the street smells of the ever-expanding cities. According to, these were also called nosegays – something … Continue reading Tussie Mussie Vases: When Flowers Masked Bad Odors

A New Passion: Pastels

It’s always exciting to discover something you’ve never done before and to find out that you love it. Five months ago I took a weekend workshop with master pastel artist, David Shklolny, one of the presenters for the ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists) conference for which I volunteered as a committee member. I can’t say what I came up with was any good but … Continue reading A New Passion: Pastels

Historical Interiors of Alberta

Learn How to Restore, Decorate & Preserve Your Historic Home This book is a valuable resource to help you understand how historic interiors were designed. By knowing about the social norms and how interior space functioned at that time it is easier to bring back the historic feel to your home yet maintain modern conveniences. While historic exteriors are the public face of our architectural resources, … Continue reading Historical Interiors of Alberta