Antique Appraisals

What if you could find out how much your things are worth quickly and easily?

Antique Appraisal Services I Offer You Include:

  • Verbal appraisals – at whatever location you choose within Edmonton, St. Albert or Sherwood Park, Alberta.
  • Expert written appraisals (if you prefer for estate purposes)
  • Selling your items for you online.  I take photographs, put them online and handle all the details involved with the buying and selling process for your antiques.

A very valuable service I offer is organizing a private sale for your and your goods where I invite my private list of collectors, dealers and interior designers who are always on the lookout for antiques and collectibles.  They are only too happy to come to my private sales – and that private sale could be in the privacy and comfort of your own home. I have done sales in condos, homes, storage facilities, and back yards. My experience in displaying antiques and marketing them ensures success.

Set up for a private sale

Set up for a private sale for one of my clients

I had an antiques retail shop for 13 years and over the years I have appraised everything from teacups  and dishes to books and teak furniture and everything in between.  If I don’t know the value right away I know how to research and where to find the information to find out the value of your items.

“Do You Want To Or Need To Know How Much Your Things Are Worth?”


Depending on your individual situation you will likely relate one of the following scenarios… or at least that’s what my many years of experience in antique appraisals in Edmonton has taught me.

What’s Your Situation?

1. You or someone in your family is downsizing to a smaller place and you need to choose the pieces to take with you. Knowing what something is really worth will  help you make informed decisions instead of guessing what things are worth and regretting them later when you find out you made a big mistake.

2. You or someone in your family is moving to a seniors’ facility and everything, except the basics, needs to be sold. Dealers love these situations because they make the most money on complete estates. Why shouldn’t you get as much as you can for the things that have the greatest value? Make sure you’re not getting ripped off and get a professional appraisal before it’s too late.

Walnut secretary with cylinder desk

Walnut secretary with cylinder desk

3. You or someone in your family is splitting the estate now and want to be fair in giving beneficiaries equal shares.  Without knowing the value of items it’s easy for the beneficiaries to be upset with you if one of them inherited something worth $50 and another got something valued at $5,000?  This ugly situation is easy to avoid with an appraisal.

4. You are tired of your collections and decide it’s time to de-clutter your life and space and sell… but you need help to price your pieces at fair market value. Going from shop to shop trying to find out how much you can get is not only a waste of time, but if you don’t know who pays top dollar you could get far less than you deserve.

5. You are the executor of an estate and it is your job to get a price for the goods in question or your lawyer wants you to get an appraisal for legal purposes. As an executor you are legally responsible for enough already – Why should you have to do this too?  I can help you.


Decorative porcelains

Decorative porcelains

6. You or someone in your family has inherited several items from a relative and you want to know what the pieces are worth. Once you know then you can sell them for a fair price and make sure no one is taking advantage of you or at least rest easy knowing what you’ve really got.

7. You want to have a sale but don’t have the foggiest idea of how to charge for your antiques. It’s easy to end up pricing too high or too low. In either case you end up with a lot of junk left over – even after all that work of setting up the sale.

8. You have an idea of the value of your things but now you have to find motivated buyers – and you sure don’t find them by having a garage sale. What you need is someone who is willing to buy and pay a fair price for your pieces.

How would you benefit from cashing in on your unwanted or unneeded belongings?

  • Freedom from the stress of clutter and too many things you have no need for.
  • Usable room or space in your home for recreation, craft, wood working.
  • Extra money to take a vacation or add to your nest egg for retirement.

I can help. Appraisals are charged on a per hour basis with a two hour minimum for your first appraisal. All other services like a private sale are either by the hour, by commission or a combination of both.

 There Are Three Different Kinds of Appraisals…
  • market appraisal will give you a good idea of what you might expect to see your antiques sell for in a shop, show or sale.
  • seller’s appraisal will give you a price range of what an antique might sell for if you were selling to a dealer, an auction house or other secondary buyer.
  • Insurance Appraisals which I refer out.

Call me now at 780 722 7494 to explore if taking advantage of my expertise makes sense for you or email me now by clicking on this link: I would like more information about your appraisal services.