Travels: Waterton Lakes, Alberta

The Prince of Wales Hotel

Last spring my husband and I went on a mini trip to Waterton Lakes in southern Alberta. The iintention was to get out of the house before cabin fever completely gripped me. The timing wasn’t great. We had expected to be there after our premier was set to relax Covid restrictions but it wasn’t to be.

Interior lobby of the Prince of Wales Hotel

I had always wanted to stay at the Prince of Wales Hotel and we finally had the chance. But the hotel was almost empty, and all restaurants were closed. Even the gift shop was closed. The dark paneling made it feel gloomy, an effect that, three days later, was changed by the influx of chattering tourists into the hotel.

Hotel room in the Prince of Wales Hotel

It appears that only five rooms were booked for the first couple of nights we were there (they weren’t officially open) and all were booked next to each other as these rooms face the best view of the mountains and the lake.

View on the balcony and window just outside our room

Any of you who have followed my blog posts know that I love old buildings, therefor it is with that understanding that I was able to overlook the thin walls with easy noise transfer and tiny shower room that was probably an original closet. The hotel is not open during the winter because the wind coming off that lake is brutal and the original windows are simply not equipped to withstand it.

On our last day Covid regulations were relaxed and we were able to have a drink in the lounge, and have a nice supper in their dining room – facing the beautiful view from the two story windows. Their staff were wonderful

The view from the bell tower

One of the most interesting things to do in the hotel was to take a short tour to the very top of the tower of the hotel. The tour guide, who also serves as a bellboy (is that the correct word these days?), was knowledgable and happy to be working and speaking to guests. A tip well spent.

You can see the town of Waterton easily from this vantage point. Filled with restaurants and interesting shops, most of which were closed or open only restricted hours, Waterton is actually a fun place to go. We found an excellent art gallery where I couldn’t help but buy this ceramic bird on a stump that I promptly christened my “Jojo bird’.

A chilly spring day in Waterton

Waterton Lakes is very popular with all types of travellers and tourists. Check out all the things you can do online. Next time we’ll go on a Night Star tour – when you can actually see the stars!

Our experience, marred by Covid restrictions and cold, rainy weather notwithstanding, was just the break I needed but maybe next time we’ll go in the summer.

Have you been to Waterton Lakes?

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