When Hardware is Like Jewelry

If you walked into Spec Hardware in Edmonton you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were in a jewelry store. The only difference is that the products are displayed on walls instead of behind glass cases.

Imagine the cabinet hardware in the photograph above in a guest bathroom. It would ratchet any ho-hum bathroom to a whole new level of elegance.

Hardware selections are on two floors – eye candy for the designer and the homeowner!

I was invited to tour Spec Hardware by Shari Hayward, Spec’s Business Development Manager and previous student of mine from the University of Alberta’s Residential Interiors program.

Shari introduced me to Raman Randhawa, the owner of Spec Hardware. A teacher in her previous life, Raman’s eyes light up when she talks about the options available and shares how hardware impacts the way a building looks. She and her husband have taken this even further by offering coordinating plumbing and light fixtures for a total design package.

Given the fact that my heart has always belonged to old buildings, of any type, I was thrilled to see the selection of hardware that is available for the owners of heritage homes.

Great hardware for every room of a heritage home

When I opened my store, From Times Past, back in 1994, I used to import hardware for heritage homes because there was nothing available here in Edmonton. Yes, that was pre-internet days. It’s hard to believe how times have changed…

Great selection of handles in every style suitable for heritage homes.

That’s why I was so happy to see the selection available at Spec Hardware. On the other hand, there is an amazing selection of offerings for thoroughly modern homes in every finish, every metal, and every style. Some of the materials are indeed unusual. For example you can even choose handles that are clad in leather! What a design statement that would be.

This hardware would suit heritage buildings of the 1930’s.

There are other things I absolutely loved: The huge, colourful house numbers, colourful mailboxes, and floor grates as shown below. I have worked with clients who needed such grates and everything had to be ordered online – but not anymore!

Spec Hardware is located at 18819 – 111 avenue. It’s worth calling ahead and asking for a tour of their facilities. The second floor, as a matter of fact, displays the Rolls Royce of hardware. Although the price points are higher, their design impact cannot be overstated.

Tell Shari or Raman that you read about them here. If you are curious about their many products you can also go online and peruse their catalogues but nothing beats seeing the quality of the products in person.


Let me know what you think!

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