New Old House

It’s not often that I talk about design projects I have worked on, but now with more time on my hands, I decided I might just share a few images with you.

My client purchased this 1960’s “Colonial” style house last year. At the time it looked like pretty much any sprawling 1960’s wannabe Colonial style house. His intention was to bring the house up to date, yet do it in such a way that it looked more authentic. The house was completely gutted.

Beautifully sunny corner of the office as seen from the entrance

My job was to help with the choice of materials, and create an “older”more authentic ambiance by suggesting details that were more appropriate to the style. We chose the windows, and specified the exact size and number of panes, redesigned the pillars, chose all the millwork details on the outside of the home.

On the inside we chose the millwork details, redesigned the wood-burning fireplace mantle, created a decorative ceiling for the dining room, chose new hardwood, staircase newel posts and railings, and paint colours.

The kitchen isn’t completely finished here.

Kitchens tend to be tricky things to design to look older so here we opted for a more contemporary look that instead focused on the cabinetry as freestanding “furniture.” Sometimes, the best thing you can do is create a room that doesn’t overpower or clash with the rest of the home.

In any case, the client was pleased with the results and I enjoyed the challenge of creating an old style ambiance in a new house.

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