Art Week 2019

Hoodoos up close

For the first time in three years, landscape artist Jim Davies has decided to hold another Art Week in one of my favorite places in Alberta – Drumheller. This is a part of the province that has pretty much every kind of inspiration for the landscape artist – hills, shrubs, cliffs, parkland, desert, and of course the Hoodoos pictured above.


Jim has taught for many years at the University of Alberta and he is passionate about sharing his special gift. He encourages artists and artist-to-be to paint without fear. His own work can be found in private and public collections throughout our fair city and way beyond our national borders. His work rubs shoulders with the works of greats like The Group of Seven.


This is one of his paintings of the Drumheller area. I love the way he uses colour when interpreting a scene such as the one seen above this painting.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, you’ll find value in attending this Sunday to Friday workshop in August, 2019. Not to mention, you’ll have lots of time to focus on your own art without the distractions of your everyday life PLUS you’ll spend the week with kindred spirits – people you can talk to about art freely.


You are responsible for your own food, lodging, transportation and art materials. A complete list of materials will be provided when you register.

You can look forward to drawing or painting in any material you wish at many different locations (depending on the weather) such as the town of Drumheller, the Hoodoos, Dry Island Buffalo Jump, Horse Thief Canyon and more… I will be doing a session on Urban Sketching on Thursday.

And… just to prove that it’s not all work and no play, there’s always a Cook Out on one evening and a free morning to sleep in or indulge in some serious retail therapy!

The cost of the five days of art instruction is $525. For a brochure or more information about the event, contact Jim Davies at .


Another one of Jim’s large canvasses of the Badlands in the Drumheller area.


Date: Sunday August 18 to Friday August 23rd.

Cost: $525 for the week, although partial days can be arranged. A Deposit is required to hold your place. Class space is limited so to avoid disappointment, don’t delay. Contact Jim now.


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