Whimsical Christmas Decor is Just Plain Fun!

Christmas decor can be serious business for some of us. Heritage homes, like the one I live in, lend themselves to over-the-top decorating. I spend a lot of time decorating the stair bannisters, tops of doorways, mantles, furniture, and so on. But Christmas is also the perfect time of year to indulge that silly-zany side of my personality.

Whimsical brush animals and a flat tin Santa Claus

Every year I actively search for decorations that make me laugh. I’m not looking for cute here (although the animals above are cute). The more absurd they are – the better!

A well dressed bird in his feather tuxedo with big green buttons

I don’t buy plastic decorations. As far as I’m concerned, those are throw – aways. They will likely never stand the test of time. I like to write the year at the bottom of each decoration as a reminder of when I bought the decoration.

A glass cow holding a large red Christmas ball on its back!

I love glass animals. Even if they’ve been made with a mold rather than hand blown, the painting and details make each one different. The cow above and the crocodile below are perfect examples of that.

Note that the crocodile has a high hairdo (“real” hair) tied with a red ribbon. She’s exquisitely dressed in a pink tutu and 4 red high heel shoes. Her outfit is accessorized with a pearl necklace with a silver clasp. I bought two – one for me and the other to give to my hairdresser later this week.

My latest favorite – a crocodile (or alligator) with attitude!

I have a collection of antique decorations that are certainly more valuable than these but I consider those to be my “serious” decorations. The ones shown in this post are just plain fun. I bought this pig from a glass blower here in the city several years ago.

A handblown pink pig bought from a local glass blower

I love giving decorations as hostess / host gifts. In the future, I hope they’ll think of me when they put the decoration on their tree,.

Thanks for reading my ramblings this year. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and that 2018 is a year of good health, wisdom and happiness. See you next year!


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