Discovering an Art Technique

There are hundreds of art techniques and approaches out there and not all of them resonate with me but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

WC Abbey

This quick sketch is from a photo I took years ago of Jedburgh Abbey when I was in Scotland.

Given that I’m off for the summer I’ve had time to do a bit more art and I’ve enjoyed it – but you can’t always do the same thing. I’ve dabbled a bit in acrylics and I think I’ll do more of that but for right now I’ll focus on watercolour.

WC house

This sketch is of a house in the Garden District in New Orleans.

But I digress. In this new technique (new to me although it’s been around forever) the painter grabs a paintbrush, chooses colours at random and slaps the paint on the paper in no particular way . The key is to simply place the colours that you like on the paper and then you draw on top of the page (once it’s dry of course.)

It’s amazing how certain images work better on certain formats as do the colours.

WC House 2

This sketch is of house I lived in when I was 5 years old. It had been abandoned for about 30 years when this photo was taken. It has since been demolished.

I love purple as you can tell so it kept cropping up in my paint slather but the colour took on the role of shadow which wasn’t planned because I had no idea what I would sketch over the paint.

Sketches are meant to be loose and this watercolour technique works well with a less structured approach. I also like exaggerating certain characteristics (like making the New Orleans how taller and skinnier than it really is). I use a Micron 01 and 05 pen and Daniel Smith watercolours.

Well back to the drawing board, literally. My next blog is “Instant Antique Expert Tip #4 – How to tell how old an object is using registration numbers.   Stay tuned.

PS: If you enjoy the blog entries where I talk about art and would like to see more, let me know.


4 responses to “Discovering an Art Technique

  1. …love your urban sketching Johanne..look forward to seeing more. Maybe some of your present Highlands neighbourhood. Have a great summer… ted

  2. I wasn’t aware the depths of your talent, Johanne. Thank you for sharing both your talent and your knowledge in such an appealing way.

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