A Strange Retro Chair left behind in a Basement

Peacock Chair
This chair was left behind in the basement of a home for the new owners to “discover.”

I get many emails from readers who want to know something about the objects they own. This reader had moved into a home and the previous owners had left behind what she described as “a lounge chair.” She sent me a photograph (shown above) which certainly wasn’t what I was expecting.

It took me just a couple of minutes of research to find out that she did, indeed, have something interesting.

It’s called a Hanging Parrot Cage Chair and it was designed by Ib Arberg and manufactured by Abre Designs of Sweden in 1970. This makes sense because hanging chairs were all the rage then. Curiously there is little information online about this designer except that he was born in 1944.

The prices for similar chair styles, all by the same manufacturer, are all over the map. Some chairs have leather upholstery which puts them at the high end of the market. 1st Dibs, an online source for mid century modern (this chair is more “Retro” but the words “Mid Century Modern” has more cachet) is priced from $2000 upwards to the range of $5000. 1st Dibs prices its products in the higher range however and market plus condition affects prices greatly. Considering this, I expect that, if the fabric is cleaned up and the chair is in good condition, a person could expect this chair to sell in the range of  $1200 – $1700 in a shop. This assumes that the person knows what they are looking at!

The previous owners left something behind without checking to see if it had any value. The new owners are happy they did.

Curious about chairs like this one? Check out this link:


2 thoughts on “A Strange Retro Chair left behind in a Basement

  1. Haha. Reminds me of the cage dancers suspended over the dance floor on Detroit based TV show Soul Train!

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