Don’t Throw out the Van Gogh

Antiques for Sale

Toss, Sell or Donate? What’s it Worth?

This time of year sees many of us going through the annual (or not so annual) ritual of getting rid of stuff that has outlived its ‘best-before’ date. For some, it’s clothing, for others it’s tackling things that have accumulated in our basements over the years. Objects that were passed on through parents and grandparents are often relegated to basements which is why I love going through them when I do an appraisal. But do you know if you’re throwing away something that might be of value? How do you make sure you’re not throwing out a Van Gogh?

Take my class on Thursday May 4th at Harry Ainlay School from 6:30 – 8:00 and learn what has monetary value before you declutter.  For more info check out Metro Continuing Education’s link:

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