A History of Home at E.L.L.A.

John Walters’ third house had a proper place to dine but it served other uses as well.

I’ve always been fascinated with social history – especially of the last 150 years, and truth be told, farther back than that. It’s fascinating to learn about how our social customs, mores, trends and by extension the design of our homes changes over time. This year, “The Secret History of our Homes” is the title of the class I will be teaching for the Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association at the Education Building in the University of Alberta. It runs from May 1 – 19th. We’ll tackle every room in the house, (from parlour to outhouse!) learn how it developed to what we have today. Participants will bring their own artifacts / antiques for discussion as we unravel the mysteries of how time changes everything.

See http://my-ella.com/2017-spring-session-course-guide/ for more information. By the way, you must be 50 years of age to attend 🙂

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