If you could time travel…

Antique Map of Vermont  from http://www.adigitalhistory.com

Question: If you could travel back to any time in history, and to any place – city or country, where would you go? Would you be in an urban or country setting? What is there about that particular place and time that appeals to your imagination?

I am moving towards the end of my second draft in a book that has yet to be titled. (I may ask your help with that too:) The book is the first in a trilogy and the setting is Paris in 1866. I’ve more or less decided how the trilogy will end but the middle book has no setting – yet. So I would love to hear from you.

Several months ago I asked my readers how they felt about the name Guillaume for an antagonist in the novel and I received many excellent suggestions and opinions. So please sharpen up your imagination and pretend you are travelling through time…what do you see?

2 thoughts on “If you could time travel…

  1. Gosh. I’d like to help, Joanne. But it’s so hard for me to answer this because I am a mixed-race black woman and it’s hard to decide on a place and time in the western world where such a person would have been safe from white slave-owners/oppressors. Good luck, though!

    1. I appreciate what you are saying. Although I’m influenced by the romantic notion of going back to a particular time, as a female, I would not give up my jeans for a corset and long skirts.

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