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Do Objects absorb Evil Energy?

Do objects absorb evil energy?
Do objects absorb evil energy?

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would share a story I read in a magazine some years back about how antiques absorb energy. It still gives me goose bumps.

The article tells the story of a young couple that were newly married and travelling through the Quebec countryside searching for antiques for their new home while they were on their honeymoon. They stopped at a small town where they found out that an antique auction was taking place so they decided to attend.

They sat in the back row since the auction had already started. It didn’t take long for them to begin bidding and before they knew it they were the owners of a beautiful antique mirror. It was a purchase they would never forget.

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They took the mirror home and gave it pride of place in their bedroom. Both the husband and the wife loved to look into this mirror. The husband loved to watch his wife comb her long hair in front of it. Little by little, however, without being aware of it, things begin to change between them. Suspicion replaced loving thoughts when their eyes met in the mirror. The husband began to believe that his wife had been unfaithful to him – after all, how was it that no other man had ever made advances to his beautiful wife? The young wife began to believe that she had married a cold, suspicious stranger…

Several weeks later the telephone rang. It was the auctioneer’s secretary calling to enquire if the couple had any thoughts of returning the mirror they had purchased. Surprised, they wanted to know why. The secretary went on to explain that the mirror had been returned to the auction house three times after they had sold it. This had happened ever since the original owner of the mirror found out that his wife had been having an affair and choked her to death as she sat in front of it, combing her long hair…

Is this story true or an urban legend? Who knows for sure ? I remember quite vividly some of the pieces I had in my antique store. There was something “off” about them and I couldn’t wait to get rid of them.

What do you think? Does bad energy get absorbed in objects?

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3 thoughts on “Do Objects absorb Evil Energy?

  1. I believe they can. I’ve gotten feelings from objects in antique stores and thrift stores that no matter how much I liked the look of it, I walked away. Sometimes it was extremely hard to do, but somehow I knew it would bring bad energy into my home.

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