Salvador Dali – The Jeweler

A necklace like you've never seen! Note how it's displayed.

A necklace like you’ve never seen! Note how it’s displayed.

Most of you probably have heard of the surrealist artist, Salvador Dali, but did you know he created jewelry? Two years ago when we went to Barcelona, my husband and I decided to visit Dali’s own museum in Figeres. It’s a short train ride away, easy to get to. Frankly, it seems to be the only reason a person would go to this town although there is a smattering of interesting buildings, but much of what exists is for tourists.

Looks like a mermaid?

Looks like a mermaid? Crystals figure heavily in his work.

I was trolling through my pictures and decided you might want to see some of the jewelry he created. Mind you, some of what you see is in the realm of sculpture although he used precious and semi precious materials throughout.

An elephant of the imagination. The original drawing for this piece stood in a case next to the finished piece.

An elephant of the imagination. The original drawing for this piece stood in a case next to the finished piece.

The images are a bit dark because the room was entirely in darkness with only the spotlights in each of the display cases giving off light. I’m sure you will be amazed as I was. Dali famously said that building his personal museum in Figeres would put it on the map – and he was right.


Madonna? Not exactly a religious experience.

2 responses to “Salvador Dali – The Jeweler

  1. Hi Johanne,

    Sorry we didn’t get more chance to chat at the AGA last week! It was an interesting talk a wonderful show.

    I am interested in Sherman jewellery. I have to do a presentation for my Quester group in November and wonder if you might give us a talk about it. I think I have a piece from my mother or my mother-in-law. I am still sorting through their stuff… would you be interested in presenting for an honorarium? I it might be of interest for the age group.

    Let me know what you think! Best Mary

    • Hi Mary: Sure I could do that for you but it would depend on which evening you do your talks. I teach some evenings. Let me know the date and length of talk.

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