Should this Blogger be Spanked?

Should this Blogger be spanked?
Should this Blogger be spanked?

When a person decides that writing a blog is a good idea, the assumption is that keeping it up will be easy. And it is… kind of. All you have to do is to pull out your computer keyboard and write. The problem is that blogs don’t squeak – like wheels do when they require maintenance. And therein lies the problem.

It’s easy to procrastinate and do things that have a deadline. I spent a significant amount of time in late March and throughout April to prepare for a 20 hour course on antiques that I taught for the Edmonton Lifelong Learning Association. The course ran daily for three weeks and ended only in mid-May.

Shortly thereafter I began to prepare our 1912 house for a historical walking tour. There’s nothing like knowing that groups of people will be visiting your home and assessing, judging and questioning your taste in decorating to make you do what it takes to show your place in the best light. We have a large lot, with plenty of flower beds (see my pictures in a future post) which is great – except for when you are trying to do everything at once.

As it was, I didn’t really have to worry – the tour went off without a hitch, as did the class I taught for ELLA. So now I am back to feeling extremely guilty about how I have been neglecting this blog. No more real excuses, so here I am. I have ideas for several posts, and I hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Should this Blogger be Spanked?

  1. Johanne, Do you do any genealogy for yourself? I have a very fringe relative who looks enough like you to be you!

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