Welsh Terriers – Therapy for a Peaceful Life?

Our Welsh Terrier, Tessa
Our Welsh Terrier, Tessa

Anyone who has ever owned a Welsh Terrier will tell you about their zest for life and happy-go-lucky attitude. Our current Welshie is the third dog of this breed that we have owned. She is also the smartest. This of course, is a double edged sword. Her intelligence has her figuring out how things work and how she can get around them before we have even caught on. So, for us, this means several things that we had to learn that we never had to worry about from our other dogs:

-Never leave a chair out where she can jump on the table and grab whatever is on the table top.
-Hide your lunch where she can’t see it or she will jump a distance three times her height to get at it.
-Never leave your cordless phone out on the deck or you will find it buried deep in the flower beds.
-Never leave her alone anywhere there is paper of any kind – except for newspaper. She will shred paper but leaves shoes and thank heavens, other more expensive things alone.
-Don’t ignore her too long or spend too much time on the computer or she will find things to amuse herself. (She’s in the bathroom right now trying to get into the garbage bin that we have puppy-proofed.)

Tessa, drowsy after her operation
Tessa, drowsy after her operation

Her breeder, Larissa, had suggested she go through a heat before being fixed, and we did that. We hoped she would slow down a little but that hasn’t been the case. The day after the operation, after the picture was taken, she was up and around as if nothing had ever happened. In the picture you see here she is wearing a new-born’s t-shirt on the advice of the vet. She wasn’t chewing her stitches so he sent her home with some pain killers here. She looks right out of it.

In spite of the amount of eye-rolling that my husband and I do when she comes up with a new antic, we wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is our favorite ball of fur.

4 thoughts on “Welsh Terriers – Therapy for a Peaceful Life?

  1. God was having a particularly great day when he created animals! They are the best part of my day. Congrats on a lovely pup.

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