The Art of Carmen Gonzalez

Pass the Pickles

Pass the Pickles

One of the things I am most proud of as an instructor is the success of my students, and one such person is Carmen Gonzalez. A graduate of the University of Alberta certificate program in visual arts, Carmen has shown herself to be hard working and ambitious. She has the ability to paint food in such a way that makes you feel like you can taste it. I recently attended the opening of her show at the Daffodil Gallery here in Edmonton.

Taken from Daffodil Gallery’s web site:

Carmen Gonzalez was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. During her childhood, her artistic mother sparked her love for art. In her teens, she became very passionate about art. Unfortunately, after completing high school, she took a different path away from art.

Licorice Lovers by Carmen Gonzalez

Licorice Lovers by Carmen Gonzalez

In 2006, she had a life changing experience which renewed her dream of becoming an artist. She began with watercolour painting, studying with well known watercolour artists – Willie Wong, Jerry Heine, Gregg Johnson, and Frances Alty-Arscott. By 2008, while being a full time mother of three, she became a full time watercolour artist.

In 2009, she enrolled in the Visual Fine Arts program at the Faculty of Extension University of Alberta. She recently graduated with her Graduate Solo Exhibition on April 19th, 2013. During her studies, she discovered her style and her love for oils. Carmen is a fresh new emerging artist with a fun contemporary/pop style. She loves to combine bold patterns along with her unique colourful still lifes. Her compositions are happy and celebrate our inner child.

Yummy Gummy by Carmen Gonzalez

Yummy Gummy by Carmen Gonzalez

She is a member of the Night of the Artists (NOA), Society of Western Canadian Artists (SWCA), and Centre des Arts Visuels de l’Alberta (CAVA). You can see many of her paintings on exhibit until November 14th work at Daffodil Gallery in Edmonton or check out their website at: Tell them I sent you!

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