Rustic French Ranges work in heritage homes

Old House Ranges

Rustic French Ranges work in heritage homes
Rustic French Ranges work in heritage homes

Last weekend I was in Calgary doing a talk on the topic of historic preservation along with four other speakers. I like participating in these events mostly because I get to meet kindred spirits. Many of us who love old houses can feel isolated in this “new-is-better” world that we live in so I always enjoy talking to attendees after the talk. I have met people who create or distribute many products that are suitable for heritage homes and this weekend was no different.

I met Patrick and Floriane who not only love old houses, but sell a line of ranges that are gorgeous. The ranges are made in France, and although some of the styles might be considered more European than North American, nevertheless stylistically they work in heritage homes.
Their ranges are hand-made to order in France, in the village of Lacanche, Burgundy, where the factory was established over 200 years ago. They offer a choice of 19 models available in 24 different colors!

This is what Patrick told me later when he followed up by email:”Our ranges are available in several sizes, from the condo-size Cormatin (28″) to the masterpiece Sully 220 (87″). Their classic, timeless design would be a perfect fit in a historic home and the available options for the range tops and ovens mean that each future Lacanche owner can customize their range to their exact requirements. Because we work directly with the Lacanche factory in France, we are able to cut back on unnecessary distributor’ and dealer’s mark-ups to offer our ranges at prices comparable to the more “mainstream” brands commonly found in high-end homes around Edmonton and Alberta.”

Browsing through their web site is a bit like going to a candy store – well, for old house owners anyway. The kitchen is probably one of the most difficult rooms to design in such a way as to have it suit the look of a heritage home, so if you can find a range that makes a statement your job might be half done! There are styles that work for Victorian homes all the way to the mid 50’s, as well as farmhouses or country homes.

Check out their web site here to see for yourself: French Barn

You can see their ranges on Houzz and you can see an example of one of their stoves at Uniquities in Calgary.

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Johanne, what eye candy! They are gorgeous and I am going to measure the space in my kitchen when I get back to Edmonton – then it is for you to help design the new color scheme! Thanks for this fun source.

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