Taffy Talks… About Visitors

Yup, this me. Pretty aren't I?
Yup, this me. Pretty aren’t I?

Being sick means having a succession of good days and bad days and it’s no different if you’re a dog or a human. On my bad days my fur-less parents say that my eyes are at half mast ( whatever that means) but I guess they can see it in my eyes when I’m not doing very well. I don’t eat either so I spend a lot of time rolled up in a little ball, sleeping.

But yesterday I had a good day. I started by having some breakfast of toast and jam (usually I don’t eat anything at all so my fur-less parents were as pleased with me as if I’d done cartwheels!). Later I had some apple sauce with a bit of protein powder that my fur-less Mom fed me with a spoon, just like a baby. I was able to keep it down too – I was thrilled about that. (Throwing up gives me bad breath!).

My favorite Auntie Ria came over and gave me a walkies and lots of kisses which I happily accepted and returned. Then my fur-less Mom’s friend came over to get advice on colours for painting her bathroom walls. (My fur-less Mom is also a decorator and is good at helping people do this.)

Here I am wearing a scarf my fur-less Mom bought me at the Strathcona Farmer's Market.
Here I am wearing a scarf my fur-less Mom bought me at the Strathcona Farmer’s Market.

I had a nice nap in the afternoon, then my fur-less Mom’s brothers came over for dinner. Although I wasn’t well enough to rough-house with them (where did that word ever come from?), I was still happy to see them. That night for the first time in three weeks or even longer, I ate meat. (Of course it could be that I was holding out for prime rib which is what they had for dinner.)

Then just before I went to bed I had a couple of tiny dog biscuits. I won’t eat regular dog food and my fur-less parents are constantly trying to find any kind of food that I might like – just so I’ll eat.

I think the reason I had a good day is because of the visitors. Visitors make my tail wag (that part of me still works) and keeps me from thinking about how sick I am. It’s no different for humans, is it? Seeing visitors makes them think about something other than how lousy they feel. So if you know someone who is in the hospital right now, human or canine, why not visit them today? You’ll make their day!

Don’t forget to hug your pet today.


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