Taffy Talks…To Eat or not to Eat

Yup, this me. Pretty aren't I?

Yup, this me. Pretty aren’t I?

Since I have been sick one of the biggest changes that I, and my fur-less parents have had to contend with, has been my appetite. In the past, only a month ago, you could talk me into doing anything by simply offering me a treat. I would catch toys in mid-air, roll over, do a perfect “stay”, and walk in circles – all for the promise of a morsel of something, anything – ( I’ve never been a fussy eater, but I think you got that).

I would drive my fur-less mom crazy by sitting next to her on the couch (yes I am allowed on the couch in the family room), and watching every bite of food go from her plate to her mouth. I wasn’t begging, you understand. I was just being very focused until she got the message that maybe she might want to share a bite of food with her oh-so-hungry dog. I’ll admit that it didn’t work very often because she would make me turn and face the television while she was eating. (Ha! I could still see her from the corner of my eyes, but she didn’t know that).

I especially loved pizza crust and spaghetti. I loved jumping up to grab the strands of spaghetti that my fur-less Mom would hold in the air to make me jump. She made eating it even more fun but my fur-less dad is from the “don’t-tease-her school” so he would just put it in my dish. Either way I was happy to oblige.

Now I’m not interested in much of anything to eat – not even the great home-made dog biscuits I gave you a recipe for a couple of posts ago! Not dog food, pizza, spaghetti, or even ice cream. I did manage to eat some of my fur-less dad’s chocolate chip cookies but my fur-less mom had to chew out the chocolate chips so that I would just get the crispy part of the cookie. I’m thinking it wasn’t too big a sacrifice for her because she loves chocolate.

Many people think that Welsh Terriers are Airedales that got shrunk in the wash!

Many people think that Welsh Terriers are Airedales that got shrunk in the wash!

My fur-less parents took me to the vet for a “Quality of Life Assessment” and they were told what I already know – that there will be good days and bad days. Just like humans who are sick, there are days that I feel like eating a bit, and other days I don’t. I’ve lost weight and my energy gets low after a walk but I still enjoy my walkies. I sleep a lot. I don’t know how much longer I have but I do know that I couldn’t have asked for a better home. I won the lottery the day I came to live in this house with them.

So, until next time, don’t forget to hug your pet today.


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