Taffy Talks… about Christmas

Taffy in her favorite Victorian armchair

Taffy in her favorite Victorian armchair

I just came back from my fur-dresser. Everyone else in the house was getting their Christmas ‘do so I guess my fur-less Mom decided I needed a new cut and shampoo as well. I heard her complain that my salon visit cost more than hers so I decided not to ask if I could get a paw-dicure. I must admit, however, that I look especially lovely – just in time for the holidays.

Christmas is an exciting time because we get lots of people coming to the house so this means that I get more than my regular share of ear scratches and belly rubs. I love the shiny paper and ribbons, and although I have been known to eat things, I don’t bother with parcels. That is – unless I can smell something particularly delicious through the wrapper. One Christmas my fur-less Mom made me home-made dog biscuits. She had to hide them from me because she noticed I was spending too much time close to the tree.

Cookies are good as gifts. Some of my pals get new clothes but my fur-less Dad says I’m not a sissy – I don’t need clothes. After all, I’m a dog – not a kid. He just doesn’t get it that I get chilly out there in minus -30 degree temperature. Plus, a girl’s gotta look good!

Nothing like an afternoon nap!

Nothing like an afternoon nap!

Christmas just isn’t about presents under the tree. I’m just happy to still be around (considering my health problems) and spending extra time with my humans. I’m quite certain that there must have been a dog or two at the original manger scene with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. After all, there’s a reason why we are called man’s (also woman’s) best friend. So let’s not forget the reason for the season.

I wish you and your beloved animal friends a very Merry Christmas. Until next time – don’t forget to hug your pet today.

Taffy the Terrier

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