Taffy Talks

Yup, this me. Pretty aren't I?

Yup, this me. Pretty aren’t I?

You may have heard of Ted Talks, well – this is a Taffy Talk. I’m a Welsh Terrier. There’s not too many of us out there. Most people mistake us for Airedales that shrank in the wash. I read somewhere that Welsh Terriers are one of the oldest breeds still around (that hasn’t been crossed with a poodle). Thank God. I like having my genes more or less intact. Besides, poodles bark too much. If one of my puppies, not that I’ve had any mind you, barked that much I’d send them to bed without supper!

I thought I should have a column of my own since I spend a lot of time on my fur-less mom’s lap as she writes her blogs. That’s where I am right now. I figured since I’m the one that corrects her grammar and spelling (Spell check does not always work), that I should write about things from a dog’s perspective.

I’m not a big dog and I’ve been sick with cancer for about a year – my vet calls me a miracle dog because I’m bouncing around like a puppy (even though I’m almost 12) and I love to eat. There isn’t a treat I don’t like. Of course I cross the line at oranges. What is it with humans that they like those things? Apart from oranges, you can always get my attention with food. I love to eat and I know other dogs that like to eat too, but a little loving goes a long way. Most of the time we just like the attention – it’s not always about the food.

My fur-less mom brought a paper called Java Joke home from a doctor’s office this week. She shared a joke with me that, although it was silly, I figure cat owners will enjoy. There’s just no accounting for taste, is there? Well here it is:

A woman took her dog to the vet. She said “My dog isn’t breathing. I think he’s dead!”. The doctor laid the dog down on the table and reached down and took a cat out of a box located nearby. He placed the cat on the dog.The cat walked all over the dog and still the dog did not move. “Yes, your dog is dead” said the vet. “How much do I owe you,Doc?” asked the lady. “$345″ answered the vet. $345!!!?” the lady asked in shock. “Yes ma’am. $45 for the office visit and $300 for the cat scan”.

Personally, I think the vet needs to revisit his fee schedule. Well – until next time. Don’t forget to hug your pet today.


One response to “Taffy Talks

  1. That is a lovely story. My name is Duffy and I am an Irish Terrier. I originate as you may have guessed from Ireland. I was bread to kill rats originally. I like treats as well, probably not oranges either, yucky. I am sorry to hear you have cancer. I am sure that your mom is taking good car of you. I am to heavy to sit on my dads lap, I must be 40 pounds now. I am off to guard the door I think the post man is coming. Take care, bye for now.

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