Spirits of Things Past

A spooky time of year
A spooky time of year

The television schedules are full of stories that celebrate the weird and horrific at this time of year. Here’s a story I wrote about a few years ago that supposedly happened in rural Quebec, Canada. Read on…

An article I read  tells the story of a young couple, newly married, going through the Quebec countryside on their honeymoon. They stopped at a small town where a country auction is taking place and before they know it they have purchased an antique mirror… without really knowing why or what  they have truly bought.  They took the mirror home and proudly hung it in their bedroom.

A Lovely mirror
A Lovely mirror

Both husband and wife loved to look in this mirror. The wife loved to comb her long hair in front of it while her husband watched her do so. She appeared even more beautiful through the lens of the mirror. But something started to change…  When their eyes met in the mirror, suspicions began to grow.

The husband began to believe that his wife was so beautiful that it was impossible that some other man had not made advances towards her.  The wife began to believe that she had married a cold, suspicious stranger and their married life began to suffer.

Several weeks later the telephone rang. It was the auctioneer’s secretary. She wanted to know if they were ready to return the mirror to the auction house to sell. Stunned, the young couple wanted to know why she would ever think that they would want to return the most beautiful piece of furniture they had in their home.

Spooky Rooms
Spooky Rooms

The secretary explained to them that the mirror had been returned three times to the auction house after it had been sold. This had happened ever since the original owner of the mirror found out his wife was having an affair and choked her to death while she sat in front of the mirror combing her hair…

Is this story true? I don’t know but I do believe that things have energy. Do you think we can be affected by the energy of things around us – even our own home? Can a person read this energy? According to several web sites on the internet, the ability to read the energy of objects has been known for some time. The word, psychometry, was coined as far back as 1842. Here’s what one site had to say:

Psychometry is a form of scrying – a psychic way of “seeing” something that is not ordinarily seeable. Some people can scry using a crystal ball, black glass or even the surface of water. With psychometry, this extraordinary vision is available through touch.

For example, a person who has psychometric abilities – a psychometrist – can hold an antique glove and be able to tell something about the history of that glove, about the person who owned it, about the experiences that person had while in the possession of that glove. The psychic may be able to sense what the person was like, what they did and even how they died. Perhaps most important, the psychic can sense how the person felt – the emotions of the person at a particular time. Emotions especially, it seems, are most strongly “recorded” in the object.

The psychic may not be able to do this with all objects at all times and, as with all psychic abilities, accuracy can vary, but the ability is available to the psychic.

I find this extremely fascinating. I have a lovely leather-bound book that was written in 1682. I really wish I could “read” where it has been (pardon the pun). If only antiques could talk! Do you have any stories to share?

Check out my next post for some more spooky stories.

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