coffee break in Figueres

Tasting Spanish Foods

One of the best things about travelling to a foreign country is trying out new foods. Such was the case when my husband and I were in Spain this spring. I have, unfortunately for my waistline , always been pretty easy to please when it comes to eating and my husband is a bit of a “foodie” so we like to try out different things to eat.

When you stay in the tourist zones of any city, you get the watered down version of local foods – and menus for North American palates. But, I have to admit, ordering food from a menu that has no English translation can be intimidating and always exciting.


The hardest thing about ordering lunch (shown above) was making a decision about what to eat. The market in Barcelona, called La Bouqueria, is filled with booths displaying their beautifully crafted sandwiches, and mouth-watering hot dishes. Paella is one of those menu items you just have to try but actually I found it a bit disappointing. There was just too much rice compared to seafood, meat, vegetables, fish and other more expensive ingredients. I suppose it’s a lot cheaper that way.  I ordered it again later at a restaurant in Madrid, and although it was somewhat better, it still wasn’t great. I’m keeping an open mind however for the next time we go. There has to be a Holy Grail of paella somewhere… any suggestions?

A delicious breakfast at our bed and breakfast.
A delicious breakfast at our bed and breakfast.

This is a meal that we had most mornings at our bed and breakfast. It included fresh hot coffee, rustic breads, a delicious potato omelette (Tortilla de patata) with crispy fried onions and of course, eggs. There were different salamis every morning, and local creamy cheeses, fresh fruit and juices, and cereal. What a way to start the day.

coffee break in Figueres
coffee break in Figueres

We decided to have a coffee break after visiting the wonderful Salvador Dali museum in Figueres, Spain. (see links below). We both ordered cafe au lait, and my husband ordered a “napolitana” which is a croissant filled with chocolate and covered with a honey glaze. I ordered a chocolate macaroon, thinking it would be lighter than a croissant. Boy was I wrong – look at its size – it is larger than a coffee cup!

A cheap but tasty breakfast
A cheap but tasty breakfast

Some days we just wanted to take it easy in the morning – and eat in. We planned for that by buying crusty bread at a bakery, and jam, cheese, fruit and yogurt from a local supermarket.  Having a few of these breakfasts  made it a little easier on the budget too.

Every time we return from a trip to a different country my husband and I entertain a group of friends by trying to recreate a menu from the country we just visited. Try is the operative word – it just isn’t the same but it’s fun anyway. What’s your favourite food memory?

Salvador Dali’s Famous Jewels:

Spanish Architecture:

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