Musings on Time Travel

19th century home in Madrid
19th century dining room in a home in Madrid

In my last newsletter to my readers I asked the question “If you could travel through time to visit any time and any place, where would you go”?.

I asked this question because I think that almost anyone who has ever collected antiques, seen a movie or read a well written book where the past comes alive has wished they could visit another time. As an old – house owner, I, and many of my friends have often said “If only these walls could talk”.

So it came as no surprise that many people responded to the question. Here is what just a few of you had to share:

“I’d love to travel to Ireland. The time period… My father was of Irish descent and I am fascinated with Irish culture and folklore. They also play fiddle music and I play the fiddle too.”

19th century parlor Victorian era style
19th century parlor Victorian era style

” I would love to go back to Agatha Christie’s Devon in the UK, during her early writing heyday from 1900 to 1930. She inspired my love of mystery writing and reading from a young age. My ancestors also lived in that region in the 1800’s.”

Here are some quick responses:

  • England in the 1930’s, Janet
  • North American Eastern Seaboard, 1700’s, Suart N.
  • London during the 1880’s, Richard S.
  • Plantations in the American deep south, Karen from Australia
  • Victorian England
  • 15th or 16 C. England. I’d love to know how Henry VIII made the tennis ball! And, any time period in the building of the United States, Linda R.

So there it is. What about me? I watched a movie by Woody Allen called Midnight in Paris about a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The main character, who is a writer, feels like he was born in the wrong time. Through the magic of movies he gets to visit Paris in the early 20th century where he meets famous artists, and writers. He also falls for a woman who believes the best time to have lived was in late 19th century Paris. You just know they will never get together. Of course what you are left with, presumably, is that the best time to live in – is your own. But we can always fantasize… right?.

So,  here’s new question: If you could own any piece of art work in the world what would it be and why?

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