Downton Abbey a New Addiction

Downton AbbeyJust before Christmas the 13-week class I have been teaching on Art History ended. One of my students kindly gave me a gift that she said “I would love”. It was such a thoughtful thing to do, I reminded myself, as I opened up the wrapping, only to find Seasons One and Two of Downton Abbey on DVD.

Now you have to understand that, by nature, I am not a fan of soap operas. I feel there are too many things to experience in real life to spend time living vicariously through the ups and downs of fictional characters. But, in order to at least say I had opened the package, I decided to sit down and watch an episode.

My student, Anne, knew that I loved historic interiors and I believe that is why she gave this to me and yes, I absolutely loved looking at the beautiful rooms with exquisite furniture and room decor. I watched that whole first show with a somewhat clinically detached attitude but I have to admit I was becoming curious…

By the second show I have to say – I was hooked. The writer, Julian Fellows, does an admirable job of creating believable characters for whom you applaud or love to hate (like Thomas). I have since taped every new show from this, its third season, but I have yet to finish watching Season Two.  I want to savor every show – a bit like a very special box of chocolates. So, thanks Anne, you were right – I do love it!

Any other Downton Abbey addicts out there?