What’s it Worth- Old Newspapers

One of the recurring questions I have had over the years is “Do old newspapers have any value? The paper usually features a significant event in world history or a catastrophe. My answer to these people is always the same: “Not as much as you might think”. Several times I could tell that the people did not believe me. After all, they had a paper showing, for example, the sinking of the Titanic or, as in the example shown, the crowning of a new King, or the first man on the moon!

Do Old Newspapers have Value?

While these events were very important in a historical context, the newspapers that featured them are just too commonly available to be of any value. Consider this: Unless you are a hoarder and keep newspapers to decorate your home, what newspapers are you likely to keep? The answer is those that show events that are significant to you and your life. Keeping newspaper accounts of Hurricanes Katrina or Sandy is a no-brainer for many people who lived through it.

I did a bit of research on line about values of old newspapers. There’s one site that surprised even me with how low these values really are. (The link to the article is at the bottom of this blog entry). For example, a copy of The London Gazette, March 25 – 28, 1678 was valued only at $75 !!

Now, having low monetary value does not mean you should throw them away. I have newspapers we found in the walls of our old house that had been used as insulation. These make fascinating reading because it’s like opening a time capsule to the era. It’s great fun to read articles and look at advertisements and their promises. It’s wonderful stuff for a history buff like me. So sit down with a good cup of coffee and read the paper!

Creative types can use old papers in many different ways. Consider framing advertisements or front page headlines. Donate them, use them or simply hang onto them for the next generations to marvel at and ask “Do old newspapers have any value?“.

Article: Values of Newspapers