Niels or Arne Vodder Teak Furniture?

After my last post on mid century modern furniture I received an email from a reader from Florida asking me about some of the pieces she had. This is one of the pictures she sent me. It is furniture by Arne Vodder, a not-so-well-known designer of teak furniture from the 1950’s.

Arne Vodder Credenza
Arne Vodder Credenza

According to one of the web sites (Allan Arne Vodder is well known for his nicely detailed and stylishly understated designs.

Born in Denmark, architect Arne Vodder studied in Copenhagen under his friend and mentor the legendary Danish designer Finn Juhl. The pair later worked together as they went on to establish themselves as the pre-eminent Scandinavian designers of the mid-century period.
Is this correct? According to Miller’s “Collecting Modern Design” it’s Niels Vodder that is most associated with Finn Juhl the famous furniture designer.  However it appears that Arne Vodder may be a designer working with Sibast Furniture and Niels Vodder is the manufacturer for Finn Juhl’s designs. I wonder if they are related?  Does anyone know? I’m really curious now…
A good web site to check out is . There is a world of information on furniture and accessories of any era. According to them, the sideboard at left would be worth in the range of $3000 -$4000.