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December is a Month for Reflection

I’ve been thinking about how important the month of December has always been to me. December is joyful because it means that I take the time to reconnect with all those people that I care about.  I make the time to go out for lunches, gallery walks, museum outings, and of course a bit of shopping with friends and family.

It is sad because the holiday season brings a poignant reminder of all the people who are no longer with me – and as you get older this list grows…

Cliff Turner's Mobile Minds
Cliff Turner’s Mobile Minds

But most of all, December is a month for reflection.

First, it’s important that I remember the reason for the season. I find it very disturbing that some people find it inappropriate to say “Merry Christmas” because of its Christian roots.  It will always be “Merry Christmas” to me.

Secondly this month is when I look back on what the year was like for me. I write down all the good and bad things that happened, and the new experiences that I had or shared with other people.  From that list I go on to set my goals for the new year. I don’t wait for January.

Reflection is extremely beneficial at other times as well – such as when a person is set to realize a cherished goal. One of the classes I teach at the local university had its final session a week ago. Given that this course is, for the most part, the final course to graduate from the program, it was fitting that I have a speaker who could tie into this topic of reflection.  I was pleased that Cliff Turner accepted my invitation to speak to my class.

Cliff ‘s business is “helping entrepreneurs and business people define and live fulfilled lives“.  Based on the response from my students, what he had to say to them really resonated with them. He spoke about the importance of finding out what people want versus what they truly need – how to determine what emotion it is that they want to satisfy and then helping them get it. This, of course, translates to any industry.

He also spoke about how we need to know what we want This is the reflective part. What do we really want? By default, success is defined by society – money, possessions, and power. But is that what we really want? He told the class “You are the only one that will experience your life, so do it your way”.   For more info on Cliff and to read his blog go to: Cliff’s Notes 

So now I have even more to reflect on!