Historical Interiors of Alberta – The Christmas Chapter

Crawford House at Christmas

Crawford House at Christmas

It’s been an interesting ride so far. This is my first experience with promoting a book – well, at least for my own book. I was pretty happy when the book got on the non fiction best sellers list for our city. Overall, it’s been well received and the book launch isn’t even due until the 16th of this month.

The book is available at Audrey’s Books, Mandolin Books, Rutherford Corner (University of Alberta – downtown campus) all in Edmonton, plus Pages – Books on Kensington in Calgary.

Another mini-project that is in the works is “Historical Interiors of Alberta – the Christmas Chapter”. It’s actually a CD that will be given free of charge to anyone who buys a book between now and Christmas.

When I first began my research for the book one of the first things I did was to travel to the heritage homes in person to meet with the owners, interview them, and take pictures. When I went to Lethbridge it was just before Christmas. The homes were decorated for the season and because of this I was unable to use many of the images for the book. This meant that some of the homes were under-represented in the book.

So I came up with an idea to add these images and create another chapter to the book that focused on Christmas in the heritage home. Many of the images are also from our home and of Crawford House in Calgary – and the pictures are sumptuous. There are 44 pages in all. I hope these images inspire everyone to decorate their homes for the holidays!