The Loss of an Old Friend

It’s amazing how attached a person can get to a very modest little cabin with no running water. It took me and my siblings three years to finally decide that we should sell it, given the fact that it seemed the only time we went to the lake was to do maintenance on the cabin. So it was felt that someone else should become its “steward”.

Our rustic little cabin

Our rustic little cabin

The cabin was purchased by my Dad in 1985 and over the years it has been a place of family, friends and good times. The memories of a place are what make it special and this little cabin is packed with good memories. Since my parents passed away it just hasn’t been the same however.

I know that selling it does not mean that we have lost the memories but somehow it feels like we are abandoning it and everything it has stood for. Silly I know.

The new owners are a young couple that are prepared to dig a well to have running water and I’m sure they will give it a new life with lots of new memories. That’s the thing about buildings. Unless we tear them down they continue to give a succession of owners that same good feeling.