Project Obsession

Yes I am a real person!
An obsessed DIY’er

I don’t know about you but I find that when there’s a project going on in my life I am like a person possessed.

Am I the only one out there?

Right now our old house front yard is getting a face lift (see other blog entries). The only reason I am writing this right now is because the ground is soaked and it is still raining. I have done all the painting I can do in advance and I’ve already cleaned the workshop.

There’s absolutely nothing else I can do which is a good thing for the rest of my responsibilities I suppose.  When I’m in the midst of a project I eat, sleep and dream it. I dream about the possibilities and I go over and over the building or construction details until I wake up exhausted – because I have been working all night! I read books, magazines and go online for inspiration.

I create designs and refine, refine, refine until it works within the constraints of our property.  All of my conversations revert to the work at hand and woe be to anyone who comes over to visit.

It doesn’t take long before they have a shovel or a hammer in hand!  But now I’m at the point of knowing what needs to be done. The initial excitement is gone – now I just want to get the job done.

It’s been six weeks in the works and there’s at least another month of looking at mounds of dirt and gravel in the front yard. We still have to build a screen or trellis and a pergola. And oh yes, if there’s time, a picket fence!

Not to mention the plants etc. that have to be planted when all the hardscaping is done!The good thing is that when all the work it done, experience has taught me that it will have all been worth it!